A Sketch of the Life and Generations of Frederick and Fanny Davis, Williamson Co. TN, Gloria B. Mayfield

A Sketch of the Life and Generations of 

Frederick and Fanny Davis

by their Grandson

William Frederick Watkins (1899)

Submitted by Robert T. Hooker (2004)

I am not a descendant of Frederick and Fanny Davis.  Their daughter married Daniel Hamer, son of John Hamer (V) of Anson County, NC and brother of John Hamer of Williamson County, TN; Charlotte Hamer Nelson wife of Thomas Nelson JP of Willimason County, TN and Sarah Hamer, wife of William Roberts.  Three daughters of Sarah and William Roberts married three sons of William Hamer of Williamson and later Hardeman Counties, TN.  These were second cousins marrying second cousins.  Charlotte N. Roberts married Daniel H. Hamer who died in 1840 and she lated married Frederick Davis Hamer, her first cousin.  Another Hamer brother was on the grand jury in Williamson County in 1803, I believe that date is correct, Charles F. Hamer who moved to the Vicksburg area of Mississippi. (Tom)

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Surnames mentioned on page

Title Frederick and Fanny Davis, William Frederick Watkins, Edward D. Hicks
5 David Davis, Frederick, Fanny Grieves, Fanny Hicks Woolwine, John Ingles,
6&7 John Davis, Frederick Davis
8&9 Fanny & Frederick Davis, Owen T. Watkins, Nancy Watkins
10&11 Frederick and Fanny Davis, John, James Ammon & Elisha, Ciddy, Elizabeth Nancy Davis, Dorcas Gleaves, Michael Gleaves
12&13 William Wales, Sophia , Fanny, Ellen, Nancy, Eliza, Susan, Howell, Darthula, John, Cornelia  Davis and Ellen D., Anna, Elizabeth, Joseph, Sophia, John, William, John Horton Woodfolk, Buist, Horton, Mayson, Nevins, Fall
14&15 Fall, Malone, Magruder, Evans, Hicks, Heaton, Eve, Rhodes, Dunn
16&17 Dunn, Trabue, Friend, Horton, Kile, Davis, Robertson, Jennings, Hogan
18&19 Hogan, Robertson, Murphy, Cannon, Huddleston, Chambers, Andrews, Davis, Hicks, 
20&21 Hicks
22&23 Hicks, Davis, Newsom, Leake
24&25 Davis, Daugherty, Combs, Sharp, Robertson, Taylor, 
26&27 Davis, Wharton, Chambers, Blaine, Jackson, Scott, Leake
28&29 Mullen, Robertson, Davis, Leake, Savage, Koger
30&31 Davis, Thweatt, Jackson, Fry, Robertson, McCamly
32&33 McCamly, Stansberry, Stansbury, David, Giles, Croom, Hodges, Robertson
34&35 Robertson, Napier, Cannon, Taylor
36&37 Robertson, Cheatham, Polk, Cheatham, 
38&39 Cheatham, Thayer, Riggs, Addison, Elliston, Sinclair, Chapman, Kennedy, Blackie, Smith
40&41 Smith, Cheatham, Robertson, Davis, Hamer, 
42&43 Watkins, Davis, Stephens, Harris
44&45 Stephens, Puckett, Williamson, Hunt, Kinnard
46&47 Hunt, Puckett, Watkins, Kinnard, Woods
48&49 Watkins, Hunt
52&53 Noble, Watkins, Hill, Puckett, Davis, 
54&55 Davis, William Felix Davis
Note Croom

Submitted by Robert T. Hooker  (2004)