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Church of Christ on Trace Creek Membership 1852, 1867, 1874 contributed by Kay and John Bittorie

Following is an excerpt dealing with the church from Jackson County--Gainesboro, Tennessee by Moldon Jenkins Tayse.

The Church of Christ on Trace Creek, Jackson County, was organized on August 15, 1840. The elders of this Church were Meredith York, Jessie Vinson, and Robert Pedigo, who were ordained to work with prayer and the laying on of hands of the Presbytery. The Trace Creek community in the northern section of Jackson County became part of Clay County, Tennessee after 1870. The small village was also known as "The Sugar Orchard," because it was situated on Big Trace Creek, which meandered through a beautiful grove of sugar maples. When the trees were cut down, and the Sugar Orchard thus demolished, the village was then named for a prominent citizen and became known as Spivey, Tennessee. Progress came again in the form of the promotion of the village to a summer resort because of its mineral springs. The name was changed to Hermitage Springs, which it is still called today.

Leah C. Savage provided this 1954 church directory from the Church of Christ in Celina, William B. Yates, minister.

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