Benton County, Tennessee Genealogy

Benton County Schools

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Camden High School Class of 1923


Top row, left to right: Bessie Griggs, Ruth Wilkes, Minor Bridges, Harvie H. Devault, Hazel Pafford

Two on the left are: Ethelene Wyatt and Sherman Parker

Two on the right are: Paul Rushing and Mary Lashlee

Bottom row left to right: Olive Parker,Gordan White, Laverne Fry,A.V. Bowles JR., Elizabeth Arnold, and Dan Allen

Courtesy of Juanita Delaney-Sternenberg

Crossroads School (Cooper's School)


Riley Hicks & wife seated in center
Courtesy of Norma Watson

Eva School


This photo is a school in Eva, about 1896.
1st row, 2nd from right: Claude "Spinks" Herndon (1890-1959)
2nd row, 1st on right: Alma Herndon Sykes (1889-1959)
2nd row, 6th from right: Wyly N. Herndon (1884-1949)
2nd row, 3rd from left: James Ivan Herndon (1884-1969)
3rd row, 7th from right: Emma Herndon Phifer (1882-1907)

Submitted by
Janice Ingram

New Hope School


FIRST ROW: Odie Cooper, Floyd Barnes, Earnie Barnes, Zolie Barnes,Travis Cooper, Hilman Pierce, Opal (Pierce)Clement, Blanch (Pierce) Thompson and Violet Stockdale,

SECOND ROW: l to r, Walter Barnes, Harvey Dortch, Granville Barnes, Ollie (Barnes) Wade, Mattie Stockdale, Eula Stockdale, Jewel (Barnes) Evans, Edna (Pierce) Fitzpatrick and Stella (Pierce) Brown.

THIRD ROW: l to r, Jennie (Barnes) Evans, Alie (Dortch) Dougherty, Oorena (Cooper) Grisham, Eddie (Mc Kenzie) Pierce, Nora (McKenzie) Pierce, Gabrelle (Clement) Greer, Hattie (Perkins) Yates, and Lela Stockdale,

FOURTH ROW: l to r, Carli Barnes, Clarence Stockdale, Harison Stockdale, Lon Perkins, Myrtle Cooper, Freemon Barnes and Vernie Barnes. Teacher was Mrs. Fannie Pierce.

Submitted by Diana Allison

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